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 Welcome to the Forum.If you want to join KRAHU read this!

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Ugh Redrum
Ugh Redrum

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Welcome to the  Forum.If you want to join KRAHU read this! Empty
PostSubject: Welcome to the Forum.If you want to join KRAHU read this!   Welcome to the  Forum.If you want to join KRAHU read this! EmptyWed Oct 14, 2009 11:11 am

We are now recruiting the following classes:

Class: Any

Level: Any

You fit under that description? Hehe, good!But there's more, that was the easy part confused
Yes yes, i'll give a briefing and you must be honest with yourself and us and decide if it's for you or not.

1. We are a mixed guild.We have imperials,neutrals and rebels (alphabetical sorting) and we all get along with each other.All players are the same regardless of their allegiance so be fair with everybody.
2. We always help each other!Most of us will keep something they found and they don't need for someone who will benefit from it instead of selling it.We don't make a profit from our friends and guildies.
3. Make use of guildchat.That's the way you get to know the people and have fun.BUT we don't like people who spam the guildchat asking endlessly for money or things.Be sure that if you need something and it can be done, you'll be answered quickly.Begging isn't nice,put some work into what you're after,like everyone else.
4. Settle in our city. It's not mandatory,but it's recommended. You'll be close to all you could need and there's always activity in the town. Life's good in Mos Krayt
5. People play games for fun.So while playing you must be sure that you're not ruining the fun of your neighbours.
6. You're on the forum now,but will you be tomorrow too? You should be. Why you say,i just wanna play! Yes,but the forum is meant to facilitate communication between our members.Not everybody can play at the same hours,not everybody can get to a meeting and this way your in game mail box won't be full every day.It's a good place to share pictures,videos and information.If you participate to it's improvement we're sure one day it will be an invaluable resource.

You're still reading? Great! So if it feels like it's the right place for you make an account on the forum,and contact in game one of the following people: Ugh', Steffe, Ciota, -Kento-, Meriel, Manamy, Er'vin, Vorlan, Lei'kray, Lestra, Cipe, Almslivi or Aekeitcha.

Have fun! Basketball
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Welcome to the Forum.If you want to join KRAHU read this!
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