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 The Guild of Krahu/An Important Policy

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The Guild of Krahu/An Important Policy Empty
PostSubject: The Guild of Krahu/An Important Policy   The Guild of Krahu/An Important Policy EmptyFri Sep 10, 2010 2:29 am

cheers For reading this Message
Krahu/Krayt is a multicultural guild and also has many age groups so any sort of verbal abuse bad language etc in guild chat or even open chat/guild voice etc will not be tolerated it will come to the attension of a guild councillor and they will decide upon the appropriate action to take.
This is an online game for people to interact and enjoy (if you want to insult someone etc then feel free to play a solo game that way the only one upset is yourself) it is a game that we all enjoy and Krahu represents a guild of friends so please remember YES we all have our off days but an on line game is not somewhere to go on to take out your frustration.Thank you for your time in reading this short but important message we hope your time in Krahu is an enjoyable one among the many friends that you will make here.May the light or dark force guide you on your journey.
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The Guild of Krahu/An Important Policy
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